DW Electronics installs digital sound and remote control systems in your Garden Scale, Steam and Diesel engines. We can also repair your engines (depending on availability of replacement parts). 
The current trend is to get away from track powered layouts with constant cleaning of the track for proper operation.
With the new chemical formulas available in today's battery systems it makes more sense to install an internal battery or battery car to power your engine control and sound systems. I can also wire your installation so that you can use track power or battery power to drive your engines.
However, we can provide installation service for both track powered and battery powered systems.
If you need your MTH TIU or DCS Remote updated with current Firmware (currently 4.20), we can do that for you as well. All TIU's and Remotes need to be upgraded at same time.
Manufacturers we deal with are:
Batteries: Cordless Renovations (LiON and NiMH) - Crest (LiON)
Trains:  Accucraft - Aristocraft - Bachmann - Hartland - LGB - USA Trains
Radio Control: Airwire (CVP) - GWire (QSI) - TE Revolution (Crest) 
DCC: Digitrax - LGB - NCE - QSI
Sound: QSI - Phoenix
Crest 57002 TE Revolution receiver and adapter board       
TE Revolution 2.4 Ghz TX
Looking to buy used QSI and Phoenix sound boards (2K2, PB9,P8,PB11) and TE Revolution receivers. Email me with a list of your excess stock.
If you have other RR needs I may be able to help.
If you need replacement batteries for your Sierra Soundtraxx sound system, I can get them locally.
Some parts I can get locally, let me know what your needs are.
You must purchase your sound and RC components from your favorite dealer and then send the engine and parts to me for installations.
I can recommend what parts to buy from your dealer.
Other services:
  • Repair of most electric Garden Scale engines (Diesel and Steam)
  • Assembly of your electronic kits (General electronics and Ham Radio)
Email me if you need a price a quote for services
Shipping engines and components to and from DW Electronics is the sole responsibility of the customer.

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I have been working with electronics for over 40 years and have been installing sound and control in G scale engines since 2005. Hundreds of happy customers all over the world.

- Dave Whaley NT9E

DW Electronics
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Please call ahead if picking up or dropping off engines.